The project outreach team working in collaboration with a team of GMIT 4th year college students were given the task of producing education material on the topic of tipping points which they deemed would both interest and engage an audience of final year college students like themselves.

Together they have produced educational material including screencasts [short presentations with narration], a lecture and an assignment which you are free to use – simply click on the underlined link. The latter are presented here in pdf for ease of downloading but are available in ppt on request.

Screencast #1 Ecological Tipping Points, an introduction

Screencast #2 The Amazon rainforest as a case study

Screencast #3 Kelp forests as a case study

GMIT 4th Years 2016/17 [Aaron Hickey, Marissa Parker, Stephen Gill]



Ecological Tipping Points Lecture

Ecological Tipping Points Assignment

GMIT 4th Years 2015/16 [Matthew Bennion, Meghan Coulter, Fergus DeFaoite, Darragh Doyle, Robert Jordan, Emma Kilbane,  Declan McGovern, Byron Traynor]





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